1988 IROC-Z

my 1988 IROC

This page is a re-write and hopefully a better organized version of my previous carputer page.  Here I will attempt to detail the various projects associated with my IROC.

Carputer & Audio system
Some videos, demos, and pictures of the carputer and overhead console can be found here.

The car, modifications, and fabrication sections

Plans, Possibilities, and Miscellaneous
While I list the Pyle rear view camera/mirror above, that was an impulse purchase--knowing I'd like to do it but not quite sure when and how.  I plan to use both monitors on the Pyle PLCM4235 with two cameras mounted in the black sections of the tail light housing.  This would afford wide coverage to the rear.  (I don't plan to mount cameras in the side view mirror housings.)  As for the monitor, my options to mount it are:

  1. Clipped onto the original mirror the way it's meant to be.  This, although simple, would hardly be "custom."
  2. Mount the rear view mirror/monitor in pod on the dash pad just above the steering wheel: glance down to see what's behind me, and better maintain eyes on the road in front..  (Wait, "what's behind me is not important!"--Raul Julia in Gumball Rally.)  If I were to do this, I would do so by either buying a sacrificial dash pad or by creating a mold of a portion of my dash, and then build the pod from that.  I don't want to cut my dash pad, since it's pristine.
  3. I plan to update my security system and driving experience with a 4-channel DVR/cameras and assorted other electronics.
Either way, it's just a toy......


Unless you park your car in a garage year-round, things will happen.  I've unfortunately had a couple of Richard Craniums damage my car in parking lots.  Once at a bar, then at work.  (At work of all places!  No note left....yeah, we're truly reflective of society.  Diversity's unintended consequences?)

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