1988 IROC-Z Carputer System 

Demos and Pictures

This page will contain nothing but pictures with captions and some videos of the carputer in action.  As of September 2010 it's far from done, but it's been operational this season.  (Other than the failure of the original D945GCLF motherboard in July which was replaced with an Asus AT3GC-I and all software, including the September release of Ride Runner, was re-installed on the drive after wiping it.)  Luckily, the stereo works without the carputer!

Videos require the divx coded pack from

The overhead console is far from finished, but it does what it's supposed to.

Left to Right Faceplate Pictures: Normal, Open, Removed.  The radar detector is accessed from the opening just above the faceplate.


The center console area with the Camaro radio bezel which was modified to hold the slot-load BD-R drive and the 8" touchscreen, and the ash tray which was modified to hold the multi-format card reader.  Behind the monitor is an 80W pico-psu, a back-up battery, and a Powerstream 3Amp battery backup controller.

Touchscreen with BD-R drive in modified Camaro Radio Bezel

Ashtray modified to hold multi-format card reader and USB port

Grant shifter lock in place--covered OEM stereo location

Illimunated shot of white face guages, touchscreen and stereo faceplate


 Just some videos of the system booting; playing music, videos, HD radio; my kid playing; etc.

The hatch area.  Again, far from done but it does house the carputer, start-up/shut-down controller, pioneer stereo, HD Radio tuner, back-up battery, 10A Powerstream battery backup controller, distribution block, and fan.  This will be covered with a solar panel to trickle-charge the back-up battery.  The T-tops also store in here.  (I didn't finish this with carpeting because the plan is to make a more rounded enclosure with fiberglass--if I ever find the time!)

AT3GC-I mobo, 3 hard drives, Startup/Shutdown controller,
UPS/Battery charge control, and battery on Plate.

HD Radio tuner and DEH-P7600MP under carputer plate.  Secondary battery to left

The spare wheel area which contains a distribution block, capacitor fed via a 40A diode, and the Kenwood 4-channel amp.

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