Kimnach's 1988 IROC-Z

Fabrication of bezels

This page will describe the various bezels and adapters required for the installation of the Carputer components--the touchscreen, the card reader, etc.
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    Overhead console
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            bezel duplication
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    Ashtray card reader

Overhead console

As stated previously, the OC is a modified S-10 pickup truck console.  this console has storage for sun glasses, a log book bin, four map lights and a courtesy light, and an mounting location for a garage door opener.  It also comes with an electronic thermometer/compass which I will mount elsewhere--somehow.

Monitor & HVAC Bezels

The plan is to fabricate the Lilliput monitor and a slot-load DVD-R/W into a Camaro's radio & HVAC bezel.  Because I knew that I would want to prototype--and to be prepared for any irreversible mistakes--I decided to make a mold of the Lilliput bezel.  I used Smooth-on's Oomoo 30 silicone rubber and Task 3 resin.  (Smooth-on's website has extensivie tutorials on how to make molds, so I won't discuss that here.)

A few pictures of the mod preparation...

...and the mold poured with the vertical stand supporting it...

...and the duplicated Lilliput bezel freshly pulled from the mold.

Notice that there is some flash to be removed, but that was easily accomplished with a razor blade and exacto knife.  The only real "issue" with this replica was that the five button holes (on the right) had to be slightly filed for the original buttons to fit.

And then I test fit the replica on the original housing.  (This required that the replica's posts be drilled-out to receive the screws.  No tapping required, just use a slighlty undersized drill bit.)

The original HVAC/radio bezel of the IRO had to be modified to accept the monitor and the DVD-R/W.  This required that the horizontal piece, separating the radio and HVAC, be removed.  Just a few pics follow:

Also, the center console of the Camaro has to have some material removed to accomodate the 8" touch screen.

The bezel was epoxied with Loctite Epoxy Gel by applying a bead along the radio bezel edge and then pushing it down onto the monitor bezel.  It was during this step that  the monitor bezel shifted slightly.  This shift caused me to not be able to adhere the DVD-R/W case onto the left-hand side.  After that set, I used an epoxy putty along the inside edges to reinforce the union.  Once that set, I taped off the bezels and applied a bead of JB Weld.  I decided to do this because has the consistency of silicone caulk and it was easy to get a relatively smooth surface with my finger.  I did some rough, but not final sanding, and painted it.  Again, I know that I will be re-doing this.  The following is just a sequence of images of this step.

After fabbing, I went out into the garage that was about -11F to see how the screen looks.  I didn't power it on, but was now confident that the location is good and that my next fab (include the DVD-R/W and a USB port or two) of the center console will go better.

Ash tray Card Reader

Because I'm not a smoker, the ash tray has been nothing but a small change collector.  Also, because it would be nice to be able to transfer pictures, music, and videos between different format flash devices, I decided to put a multi-format card reader + USB port in this location.

I cut-out the bottom half of the ash tray, slid and epoxied in the card reader chassis with face plate, taped-off the plate (to keep the lettering), and filled the gaps with ABS sludge.  Here are some pics:

I have removed the tape, and now I must fill some of the imperfections.  More importantly, I have to figure out how to paint it without covering the lettering and matching/blending the color with the original bezel.

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