Kimnach's 1988 IROC-Z

Audio & Carputer power wiring

The power distribution uses #4 wire--both hot and return--from the battery back to the spare wheel well area.  A 100Amp manually resettable breaker is installed near the battery.

To get the wires into the passenger compartment, I removed the passenger side kick panel and drilled two holes to receive the grommets.  The #4 wires were routed along the fender in the engine compartment, down into the wheel well behind the plastic splash guard, and into through the grommets.  From there, the wires just run along the door sill, up the rear pillar, and into the rear wheel well.  (Carpet and interior plastic trim was removed, of course.)  Initially I twisted the wire (three twists per linear foot; however, because of the one-inch height at some points, I decided to untwist and see if there are inductive/noise issues when the system is up and running.)

In the wheel well I have a fused-distribution block, which accomodates grounds also.

Power is distributed from here to the Amp/Capacitor, which are also located in the wheel well, and to the carputer and audio equipment in the T-top storage area.  There is a secondary distribution block located there.

The carputer and its battery are fed 12V via a Powerstream PST-DC-UPS-1212-10A.


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