Kimnach's 1988 IROC-Z

Carputer Wiring

The original schematic can be seen here.  This page deals with the actual routing of wires.

Removal of the center console, seats, carpeting, and rear pillar covers were required for this.  Also, the headliner has to be removed; however, I did not have this issue since my headliner dry rotted a few years ago and was removed at that time.  The various wires (USB, OBD-1, RESET/POWER/HDD, etc.) are either run along the floor or along the ceiling back to the carputer, amplifier, and headunit.  The computer ON/OFF, RESET, and power and HDD LEDs are located in the overhead console.  These connect to the carputer via an ethernet cable which runs along the ceiling, down the rear driver's side pillar, and into the carputer compartment.

Until verbage is added, this page contains only pictures with captions.

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