Kimnach's 1988 IROC-Z

Miscellaneous mods, maintainance & tires

Although I nearly had a Paxton supercharger installed in 1990, I've been satisfied with the car's factory performance.  It's more than sufficient.  That notwithstanding, I've only done the following minimal mods to the car, which I want to keep essentially stock:

Wooptie-doo, right?

One area that I've been very AR about is oil-changes.  I've changed the oil every 1500-2000 miles.  Overkill perhaps (o.k., definately), but this is one area in which I've not been a cheap ass.  I unfortunately lapsed in one area: I had the car rust-proofed at Ziebart when I first purchased it and went back yearly for the re-application.  I stopped doing this in '96.  It is to that and the fact that it never sees salt that I attribute the absence of rust.

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