Snagit snapshot of gbpvr and Media Portal

Snagit snapshot of gbpvr and Media Portal

I had done a quick write-up of the initial incarnation of my HTPC, which was to have been based on linuxmce back in April 2007, and it can be found here, which is my old Adelphia website and may be gone .  This page picks up from there and quickly highlights and reviews the hardware and software.  Here a some pictures of the HTPC:

 Snagit snapshot of gbpvr and Media Portal


The following is a quick little (audioless) divx video showing the set-up and intergration into my system.

The significant HTPC hardware, as it stands today consists of the following:
I use a Logitech wireless kybd/mouse combo, a USB-UIRT, and a Harmony One remote--like the One Ring--to bind "them" all together.  ("All" meaning my EDV-9500 ED Beta deck, VSX-D9600S receiver, HLN-507W 50" DLP, S-VHS, etc.) Some of the software which is installed on the HTPC:

Recent Changes 

March 2008
In my quest to have limited channel access for the boys upstairs and since separate EPGs cannot be used by gbpvr and the MediaMVP which it serves, I looked around for other software to complement my gbpvr.  I tried SesamTV, Meedios, BeyondTV (best picture in playback of recorded TV!), and some other apps.  I tried MediaPortal 0.2.3 in mid-March 2008.  I decided that would be used on the HTPC as the front-end for my use, and gbpvr would be used by the kids with the MediaMVP upstairs.  I also added a Logitech Harmony One on 27 March 2008.

November 2008
I added the D-Link DSN-323 external enclosure with two 1TB drives on which I store A/V files and backups of miscellaneous things.  In addition to saving DVD moving from spousal and child-induced abuse, I will have a lot of home videos converted to DiVX HD, etc.)  The advantage of the DSN-323 is that sharing of files will be from a low-power platform, which is on 24/7.  The disadvantage is that the above mentioned MediaMVP is not a UPnP device.  

I had removed the mediaportal software after a few weeks of use last year, because it (ver 0.2.3?) continued to lock-up my HTPC.  With the recent release of MediaPortal 1.0, I decided to give it another shot, and it has been working well.  I re-installed the Diamond PVR-560 Extreme video card into the HTPC.  The Diamond is now used with gbpvr/MediaMVP to record shows and serve them to the kid's TV in the family room.  And the PVR-500 tuners are used with MediaPortal soley on the HTPC for my TV weekly recordings (Terminator: TSCC, Heroes, Damages, and soon for the return of Rescue Me).  I finally have the set-up I had hoped for over a year ago.....

Future "desirements":)

Also a digital tuner card in the HTPC will be "necessary", when I either get digital cable or Direct-TV.

It's not what we know, it's what we do.  And we know what to do!

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