My Home Office PC

When not using my Amigas (yes, I still use them), I have a Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3P motherboard-based system. I dual-boot it between linux (Kubuntu) and XP (64-bit) Pro.  I'll admit that currently Kubuntu is a sporadically-used novelty which arose from my desire to install linuxmce on my HTPC.  Over the years I've dabbled with linux (on both the x86 and 68k platforms), but only enough to be considered "an advanced beginner" with any of the distributions I've used.

Software which I use on the XP platform:
  1. I use Cutlist Pro to optimize the cutting of sheet goods for my woodworking projects.  Eventually this application will go onto a computer in my outbuilding.    
  2. Legacy Family Tree for genealogy.    
  3. DVD Shrink -- to rip DVD titles.    Dr. DivX, DivX Converter, and Auto Gordian Knot are used to convert ripped DVDs to DivX and Xvid formats, which are then served from my HTPC to the Hauppauge MediaMVP.    
  4. Scenalyzer to transport the video from my GV-D200 Digital8 deck (not from the DCR-TRV740 nor DCR-TRV-840 camcorders) to the computer for editing with Power Director.  Scenalyzer breaks up the stream into smaller files which are based on content.   
  5. Pro-Show Producer slide show editing.   
  6. X10 Active Home Pro for home automation.  (Read about my experience with this package on my home automation pages.)  Before I got this, I had used one of my Amigas and a package which eludes me right now.
  7. Open Office, including Nvu.
  8. Mathcad, Simulink, and Electronic Workbench.  Sometimes I have to work on problems at home, because I wouldn't be able to sleep otherwise.  Can you relate?

Hardware configuration

I recently replaced the P4C800E Deluxe with a Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3P motherboard.  It has an E8500 dual core processor with 8GB RAM.  I upgraded from the AIW 2006 AGP card to an nVidia GeForce 9400GT (PCI-express x16).   There now are five internal hard drives only for a total of roughly 1TB, an external 1394 chassis which accepts SATA drives, an external USB floppy drive, a multi-format card reader in a 3.5"bay, two removable hard drive trays for SATA drives, two DVD R/W drives (Lite-on and Samsung).  I upgraded to XP 64-bit to accomodate the extra RAM.

The P4C800E which was showing its age was bequethed to my 7-year old as a Christmas 2008 present.  A couple of new drives, DVD-ROM, case, keyboard/mouse, and XP home are now in his possession.  Oh, he also got my Idek 17" monitor which was used with my Amiga 2000.  That Amiga will be getting a new flat panel soon.

Questions, comments, or concerns?  e-mail me.