"Da Decks"

We purchased a pool in summer of 2008 and it was always tough keeping an eye on the boys.  We either had to stand at the edge of the pool or place chairs on a somewhat higher elevation in our yard.  (The other option, of course, was to be in the pool with them: for some reason, neither my wife nor I enjoyed 70F or less temperature water.  A heat pump was installed in late summer to rectify that issue.)  So, in the summer of 2009 I built a deck: it took nearly 9-calendar weeks, since a couple were lost to rain or other matters.  Though not quite done, here is a slideshow:

Well, no sooner had I "completed" one deck project, when another arose.  Granted, it took me only one weeknight and one weekend (plus one night were my boys and a friend attacked it), but I consider this summer of 2009 to be "The decks summer."  Here is a slide show of the "demolating":


In goes the stamped concrete, I couldn't do this.


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