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i opted for betamax, the world for vhs; i for amiga, the world for ibm clones.

multiculturalism is a euphemism for national division.

--greg kimnach's an e.e. cummings thing....

Welcome to my nightmare, I think you're gonna like it......wait, that's not my line.  Let's try that again.

Welcome to yet another of my little corners in cyberspace.  If you've arrived here via a search-engine result or from a link at my Time-Warner (roadrunner) website, then you may have already noticed two important aspects on this page: The first is that I am making a concerted effort to capitalize.  (Can you believe it? e.e. cummings is either turning in his grave or rejoicing that i am no longer subconsciously mimicking him.)  The second is that this website is still relatively unadorned.

So why the second website?  Adelphia (now Time Warner) only provides 10MB of web space, and the focus of is family.  I am creating this site primarily as a repository of family history (most of which you cannot see), information exchange, and multimedia--all of which require massive amounts of storage.  Some familiar information will be publicly available, while most multimedia will be available to only those having a password and those links cannot be found on these pages. 

This is not to say that this web-site is myopic: I will add other information here.  For example, my "lofty goals," for which I still do not seem to have time, will be included here. (Will I ever have time?)  These goals include the math and engineering tutorials, on-line compound miter calculator with 3D visualization, etc. as mentioned in my roadrunner website, which I will begin migrating to

One other point: If you cannot understand something then it's probably because it's written poorly, written in Hungarian, or poorly written in Hungarian:-)  I still type fast, so capitalization and grammar will suffer.  Compound that with switching between two languages (i.e., software mapping of an English-101 keyboard) and we'll just have to see what the results are.  Just send me an e-mail asking for clarification.  Also, for now I shall have Hungarian text on the same page as English--this will eventually change to completely separate pages.

The index for this site with active and To Be Done (TBD) links:

Kimnach family pages (private) / Kimnach család érdeklo lapok
under construction / építkezés alatt

password protected / jelszóvédett bejegyzés!

Videos are encoded with DivX and require the downloading of the decoder/player /
Videok DivXel vannak bekódolva . Visszajátszásra DivX dekódert muszáj letöltezni.

Lastly, these pages are created using a suite of tools.  Some pages are created on my Amiga 2000 or 4000 with a text-editor (gold-ed) or Metal-web. Other pages may be created on my Wintel box, using a text editor, HotMetal 4 (archaic), or Nvu.  I've finally reached the point where the tool (i.e., computer platform or software package) I use isn't that important.....But you'll still have to pry my Amigas out of my cold, dead hands:-)

Questions, broken links, comments, concerns? e-mail me, Greg Kimnach (non-hyphenated American)

You are young for a short time only, but you can be immature for a lifetime.

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in memoriam sobrinusa meus, csiky péter, 1958 - februar 2003

édesapám, kimnach lajos, emlékére 1938 - augusztus 2003